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Sad news

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HOLY COW! Steve was such a great person and he loved Indiana. We messaged each other all the time.

I was going to email him yesterday to see  how he was doing because I hadn't seen him on in the wee hours of the morning.

Condolences to his family. I am so tired of losing my Hoosier Friends!

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My condolences to Snowlings family and friends.  Your posts will be missed as I really appreciated getting updates on other IU sports, especially the fantastic work the womens basketball team is doing.

I just cant help but wonder how things would be different if Covid was not around.  I know it seems most of our friends did not pass from Covid but i think it has put a strain on people we will see for years to come.

You will be missed.  Ugh i hate this.....

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Sorry to hear this. Prayers for his family.

Another huge loss for the IU family. Another loyal, long time fan who stayed with the team through the ups and many downs of the past several years/decades. It really makes you think about how quickly time passes. I was in high school when IU won the National Championship in 1987 and never would have guessed going on 34 years later they would have only played for one other title.

Worse still, IU is not even close to competing for another title. This is why, as much as I like Archie, I am not willing to be patient endlessly. It would have been great if Snowling, Mile and others could have witnessed a return to a sustained prominence for IU basketball. They deserved better than what has taken place with this team.

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1 hour ago, Billingsley99 said:

I propose that since Snowling waa so influential in keeping us informed on all IU sports ,that we should rename the others sports board in his honor.

Agreed...and great idea. I would never have read up or even remembered when some of those games took place if not for Snowling posting the article links....but I enjoyed being able to read how the soccer team etc. was doing. He was always on top of all IU sports happenings.

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