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Louisiana Post Game Thread


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27 turnovers… sloppy silly mistakes that will get you beat in the B1G. Defense is nice. Especially against a team that can’t hit their own face.

Really like the different weapons on offense. The shots dropping is refreshing.

Stew had an impressive shooting night. 

My excitement level goes up when Bates is in the lineup.

Trace can score at will but wasn’t needed much tonight. He and a Race in together is a huge problem for the defense on the block.

Lander showed growth. The game tempo goes up when he’s in the game. A little sloppy at times but much improved. Good game from him.

Fun basketball to watch. 


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5 minutes ago, HooASUier said:

Where the Lander haters at!!!

Held his own defensively for extended minutes.  By far his best defensive showing.  

Doesn't like pressure.  Pretty sure every B1G staff will see that in film and bring heavy pressure.  Weak with the off hand too.

Love when he gets into the lane.  Something good may happen.  Needs to recognize when to go for the double if the home run isn't there.  Like passing a very difficult pass to catch for anyone much less Durr on a fast break.  Then lofts a nice home run down to P Stew a few minutes later.  

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Don't like the turnovers and the offensive rebounds but very happy with how they played tonight.  I thought this was going to be a lot tougher game than it was.  Louisiana was supposed to be pretty good and is a big physical team.

I think a  lot of the sloppy play especially the last ten minutes is just human nature.  I think it is lime when you have been playing pickup ball for a couple of hours.  That last game you are tired and just stop playing and you have a lot of snow birding.  I just think when it comes that easy and the game is out of hand you just lose the intensity.

Coach Woodson in the post game comments sounded like he was unhappy with the turnovers.

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