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  1. So...... Possibly no Colts Defense (I have no backup D0. Possibly no Jonathan Taylor (He's one of my starting RBs) Possibly no Tee Higgins (Is on the bench, but possible flex to cover other iffy situations) No Thomas, Chubb, Wilson, or Kelley. Fournette and J. Brown are questionable. Those numbers don't add up to a full team.
  2. The point is there is no need to tweet something if you have no information. Tweet about something else or simply not at all.
  3. There is some postseason baseball on if you're looking for something to watch. Rays vs Astros tied at 3 in 9th.
  4. You're not a Bengals fan, are you.
  5. And here I thought the Zombie thread was in the Animal House.
  6. My sources tell me that Jerry Meyer just tweeted the equivalent of absolutely nothing.
  7. Illinois had their third highest total of new cases today with 4,015 . In fact, the highest number of cases on September 3rd was such an outlier, it may have been a situation where positive cases were hoarded and reported all at once. Today may be their second highest. Maybe that quarantine for crossing state lines should work both ways.
  8. I have Thielen. I also have a roster decimated by injuries. If needed, with Thomas already on bye, will be to play Tee Higgins. Let's see. Rookie receiver with a rookie QB throwing to him against the stout Colts defense. or Adam Thielen against the Falcons. Anyone prefer the first option, because I don't.
  9. Chances are you will fly through Indiana airspace. And, I guess you should leave your IU attire at home
  10. Another thing I though of is the casinos in Indiana. A lot of Chicagoans go to those casinos. Is the State of Illionois going to monitor their own residents that cross the border and return a few hours later? It's a stupid move that is impossible to manage that someone came up with in hopes of looking like they are really doing something.
  11. I'll take a 5th place conference finish with a National Championship.
  12. Indiana should do the same. Crime would go down.
  13. Seriously, there are thousands of people who work in Chicago that live in Indiana. How's that going to work.
  14. Good thing the Colts already played the Bears.
  15. I use Excel, but it is not a single spreadsheet.
  16. Just saw that and came here to post. 76 years old and has not managed in 9 years. If I were the Sox management, I think I would look elsewhere.
  17. My cousin has some IU underwear and socks that he no longer wears.
  18. Will Trevor Lawrence pull a John Elway and/or Eli Manning and refuse to go to an organization? If I'm in next year's draft, I'm perfectly content being the #2 pick. Can't imagine anyone is going to be thrilled to hear their name called by the Jets.
  19. DJ tests positive for Covid. Out this week.
  20. I'm saying you need to reconsider your choice of avatar. For the good of the team, you know.
  21. He's binge watching Charlie's Angels.
  22. My sources tell me that Kaufman can't stand Brad Pitt but is a huge fan of Pepe Le Pew.
  23. I never was a Farrah fan. I liked the Jackson, Smith, Ladd trio the best.
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