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  1. Sorry for your losses Jeff.
  2. This type of news is becoming all to common. When I was a kid and a famous 80 year old person died, it was no big deal. Now, each and every one of them hit home. Final Jeopardy Clue What game host is considered the best at what he did?
  3. Should be no hard feelings from IU fans on this transfer. Young man gave everything he had to IU when he was here. Wish him nothing but great success.
  4. Sagarin has us 17th in the country and 4th in the Big Ten. In conference, we are trailing Ohio State, Wisconsin, and wait for it.............Iowa. http://sagarin.com/sports/cfsend.htm
  5. Indiana reported more new cases today than California.
  6. 11 or 12. I don't see us jumping ND or Georgia, even if they lose. We want Top 10, we'll need to beat OSU
  7. So, is Rutgers the best team we have played?
  8. Enough about me. What did you think of the football game?
  9. I recommend not Googling that word.
  10. I think the hit cause the ball to move forward. Not his arm.
  11. Hate giving up first downs on 3rd and long.
  12. Both 1st and 2nd down should have been runs. Make a decision on 3rd down based on what happens.
  13. I may stop watching. My laptop may not survive if we gag this up.
  14. Huge series coming up for IU, Need to score and use clock doing so. Our defense is a no show this second half.
  15. 1st down pass. 2nd down run. 3rd down pass. We're becoming predictable.
  16. On the positive side of things, I did save 15% by changing my car insurance to Geico.
  17. Didn't Jamar Johnson already try that.
  18. Anyone else besides me stupid enough to pick Michigan State?
  19. He is available, at least he was earlier this morning. Two things that cause me to hesitate with that. #1 is Russ is my QB, so I'm wanting TD passes, or Russ to get the TD runs. The other is that it is a 1 o'clock game. M. Thomas plays the Sunday night game. I can't justify sitting Thomas if there is still a chance he plays.
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