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North Carolina Pre-Game Thread


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When: Wednesday November 30th 9:15 pm EST 

Where: Assembly Hall, Bloomington Indiana 



Here they come...the former :) Number 1 team...

They have a lot of talent, but so do we...I think Trayce matches up well with Bacot, and Race has guarded Nance plenty of times...A nice battle in the backcourt...I would imagine X on RJ Davis and JHS on Caleb Love. That leaves Kopp on Leaky Black.

As @IU Scottsaid, 5 guys who average more than 30 MPG so they don't play deep, but there is talent on the bench. They're not shooting the 3 well (31%) and they're not playing D like they did last year...Maybe Manek made that big of a difference? 


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Just a couple of note...

Here ar UNC's team stats after 6 games...Notice the assist to turnover ratio is basically 1-1...


So they don't share the ball well, and as I said, they're not shooting the 3 well...The only P6 team they've played, Iowa State, is #43 in Kenpom rankings...Xavier is at #31...

Their opponents so far...


UNC-Wilmington is #189 in Kenpom

College of Charleston #119

Gardner-Webb #195

James Madison #73

Portland #107 

So they have played slightly better competition than we have overall...

This will be the 16th meeting of the two schools...IU leads the series 9-6

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