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Michigan State post game

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IMO, best effort all year. Especially when Juwan went out (which I'm sick about, hopefully he is as fine as he looked on the bench). Al, Romeo, Devonte, Justin, and DeRon all deserve serious props for being tough as hell the entire game and churning out a bruising win. That felt like a classic Big Ten game.


Add that to the resume, there's plenty of time to salvage something out of this year if we continue that kind of play.

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Where has that effort been all year. I just imagine this team had a come to Jesus moment the past couple days because this effort against any of the other teams we played we surely win most of those games. Glad for Archie and the team...they needed some positivity. Long way to go to make the tourney but it’s a good start.

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I can't say enough about the heart we showed tonight. Some were wanting to see Archie's signature win and that was tonight. 

If you'd said we'd have no Juwan for the 2nd half and OT, no way I'd have thought we win. 

Huge props to Al coming back in, great looks from 3, gritty performance, and some great experience building effort from Jake, Deron, etc...

While I've questioned Archie's handle on the team during this losing streak, I haven't questioned him as coach. I think the future is bright still. 

Our season isn't over yet... buckle up for the ride!

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See what happens when you play with a toughness and dont give up on one another, I thought for what ever reason the team came together after JM went out,i seen things out of a few players that i hadnt seen all year,this win could light a fire and cause an 8 game win streak.. .i was hoping CAM would run off the floor like shooter did in Hoosiers.

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