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Iowa Post Game Thread


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My thoughts … 

*Not disappointed at all with the way we played in the tournament. Hope it continues in the NCAA tourney. 
*However, we won’t make any type of run if we shoot 5-19 from three. That’s pitiful. MK and PS have to be better if we want to beat top teams. 
*Dumbfounded at how bad our perimeter D was against a team that has very little inside game. 
*Piss on Bohannon and his lucky bullshit all of the time. 

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Folks it was a good game. Iowa lives and dies by the three ball. That last bank shot was a lot of luck that would beat anyone.

Kinda unfortunate for me I have a couple big contracts to finish up this weekend. I’m off to Nicks for a pizza and few drinks to prepare myself for a long night at work as well as selection Sunday.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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IU had plenty of chances to extend the eight or nine point lead. Every time they'd turn it over or take a poor shot and let them hang around. The season has proven it's going to come back to bite IU more often than not. Advantage to the team that can hit wide open shots. Still, that's a BS way to win a game.

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