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Maryland Post Game Thread


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Huge win - had some rough stretches but overall a lot to be happy with.

We corrected the defensive lapses within the game, but we've got to stay locked in tomorrow because PSU will light us up from three if we get lost like we did the first 25 minutes tonight.

Have to correct the free throws, too. That could really cost us.

Other than those two issues though, a lot to be happy with. TJD and JHS were great, but really loved seeing GREAT outings from Bates and Reneau off of the bench. That might bode well for this month if those two are going to defend and produce like they have the past couple of games. 

Not the best outings from Race and Galloway, would love to see them get on track tomorrow.

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Just now, SawatchHoosier said:

Woody made an excellent defensive adjustment at halftime. He forced Maryland into the late shot clock mid range 2 point shots. Maryland does not succeed at mid range jumpers and CMW took advantage of that. 

I don't think it was an adjusent. I think that was the plan all along. The execution was much better in the 2nd half.

That's what I saw.

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