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Purdue Post Game Thread


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 Phenomenal amount of fight and competitiveness there today. +10 foul differential....with Purdue being able to foul 3 times in last 20. We had the looks...just didn't make that one play. Disappointed? Sure....but what I saw today was Woodson strategically putting Kopp and Xavier in positions for success and outcoaching Painter.

Good times coming gang. Let's go win a couple next week because I'm feeling really good about this development right now.

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Woodson coached a good game.  We were set up well and our mentality was good.  We had a very good game plan. 

We need to make some roster changes.  We have guys giving up multiple threes on one end and missing them on our end, all late. 

Hit recruiting hard.  Maybe Rolf from Centerville would bring an interesting dimension.  Very important offseason coming up.  

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Just now, rogue3542 said:

I'm not afraid to say that's the reason we lose, when it is, in fact the reason we lose. An equitably called game highly likely results in IU winning. Brutal last possession, though.

We made so many stupid mistakes and idiotic plays….. and if you don’t expect poor calls on the road, then you’ve been sleeping for the last ten years. Not to mention, PS had a wide open three and missed. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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