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Maryland Pre Game Thread


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When: Tuesday, January 31st 9 pm EST 

Where: Xfinity Center, College Park, Maryland


Maryland comes into this home game at 14-7 overall, and 5-5 in the Big 10. Kevin Willard is in his firat year for the Terps after stints at Iona and Seton Hall...They've won all 5 conference home games, and dropped all 5 conference road games...



Transfer Jamir Young (Charlotte) is, probably along with Terrance Shannon, the best player to come out of the portal into the Big 10. Not a long range bomber though...Only 30% from 3 and only slightly better in conference. Dribble drive guy who is very quick. Donta Scott and Julian Reese both have a boatload of talent, but never seem to be able to put it all together. Reese at 6'11 has been a mystery. Hakeem Hart is another talented kid who can burn you. Donald Carey, on his 4th school (Mount St. Mary's, Siena, Georgetown ) rounds out the starting 5. 

Ian Martinez, Jahari Long, and Patrick Emilien see double digit minutes off the bench, but the starters all average over 25 MPG.

The Terps are 6th in the Big 10 in ORtg and 10th in DRtg, although Willard does seem to have them playing better defense than Turgeon or Manning did. 11th in conference 3 point percentage (32%) but slightly better at home (35%) Good offensive rebounding team that gets to the line a lot, and are good FT shooters (76%).

Very long, athletic team, like Maryland always seems to have. In years past, they'd chuck up a lot of 3s, and if the fell, they won, if they didn't they lost. Not a very team oriented group in the past. But Willard seems to be changing that.

Play defense, keep them off the offensive glass, and run it through Trayce. Last year we beat them pretty soundly at the Xfinity Center. Race and Trayce both had good games...The Maryland crowd seems to be coming back, but we handled that well at Illinois. Not nearly the shooting nightmare that is The Barn, so hopefully we can do well from long range. 

Winnable game that should be close...

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1901’s Unofficial Depth/Injury Report:

Judging by minutes and what now, Maryland likes to play at least 8 deep during games (Sometimes more in garbage time). The Terps are lead by 6’1 G Jahmir Young averaging 16.0 PPG and is likely Maryland’s best player, 6’9 F Julian Reese is finally in the lineup this season and averages around 10 PPG (fouls a lot recently), 6’8 G Hakim Hart returned back for MD and is having a good season, 6’8 F Donta Scott is also having a good season too for the Terps, transfer 6’5 Don Carey enters the starting lineup and first time playing in 5 years. Looks like they rotate between between 6’3 G Ian Martinez, 6’5 G Jahari Long, and 6’7 Patrick Emilien. But these Terps are different this year around and are a menace in XFINITY Center. However, they also average around 16.6 fouls per game, which has been a problem for them 

Injury report:

Terps have been one of the more healthier teams this season, looks like rotation player Emilien maybe a little banged up, but will play anyways 


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28 minutes ago, Hoosierfan1901 said:

If you live around the DMV area, tickets are going $16 right now

Last time I checked into a Maryland home game on TV there were scads of empty seats court level behind the play by play announcers. I’m thinking it was the Wisconsin game and it seemed odd to me. Nonetheless, the place will be full for Indiana.

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Really good test. I expect us to show up and be focused, so we should hopefully get a good feel for just how good we are at this point. I won’t be shocked if this goes either way, but if we win that just makes the Purdue game on Saturday enormous.

I think we will be ranked when we wake up tomorrow, but win both games this week and we may jump to the low teens and put ourselves in a position to make a run at the conference.

The boys really need to lock in and go to work this week, it’ll set the tone for the rest of the season. We’ve got every goal still in front of us for the year, go take it!

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16 minutes ago, IUFLA said:

We had at least 3 from here go to the Xfinity Center last year... @BGleas, @ledies22, and @Hippopotamo...

can't remember... @Hoosierfan1901 did you go last year? 



No, fun fact, I have never visited another Big 10’s Campus in my lifetime. Just only IU’s, however, I do plan on going to some  games in a couple years down the road. I believe I mentioned I had some family go to that game, but I want to attend to visit all the BIG10’s arenas (excluding UCLA and USC).

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13 hours ago, Hoosierfan1901 said:

The Section 100s Tickets were going anywhere from $42 to $85

We got our tickets in the 100s for something like $70, but that was back in November, when IU was ranked in the top 15. Maryland tickets are just weird. I've waited until day of and gotten a deal, and also gotten burned waiting that late. Weather won't be too bad, but it's a 9:00 start, which can be tough for some.

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