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Iowa Pre-Game Thread


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When: Thursday, January 5th 9:00 pm EST 

Where: Carver-Hawkeye Arena Iowa City, Iowa


Iowa comes in at 8-4 (0-1 in the Big 10) coming off of an embarrasing home loss (definitely Quad 4) to a 3-9 Eastern Illinois squad...



One impressive win (Iowa State without Kris Murray) and they gave the game vs Wisconisin away at home...


A lot of players we know here...Big question mark is Kris Murray. He hasn't played since 12/6 (Duke game) due to a foot injury but was averaging 19 ppg...You remember he torched us for a career high (at that time) 29 in our regular season meeting in Iowa City last year, but we did hold him to 5 points in the BTT rematch. Fran said that he's "day to day" so I would expect him to be in the lineup...

Iowa is big...Start 6'9 Filip Rebraca, 6'9 Patrick McCaffery, and 6'9 Murray...6'7 Payton Sandfort had been starting. but has fallen out of the lineup during an extended shooting slump, though he did replace Murray in the starting lineup vs Eastern Illinois......I expect Tony Perkins and Aron Ulis to be the other 2 starters ...As almost always, they're better on offense (9th according to KenPom) than defense (102nd)

My guess as to the matchups...






I'd think Fran will try to exploit the matchup between Kopp and his younger son...

The Hawkeyes go about 8 deep, but their bench hasn't provided much firepower beyond Conner McCaffery...

Hope we come out energized, and hit some early shots...I think it'll be a grind, but we can win this...

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I don’t think the importance of this game can be overstated. Yes, the season isn’t over if we lose, but if we harbor any dreams of competing for the B1G title, we have to win some road games. Even if a B1G title isn’t in the cards, we need to win games like this on the road to at least climb up the conference standings. 

I’ve beaten this drum now for 2-3 seasons, but we need to keep above 0.500 in conference. Beat Iowa then go home and beat NW and we are two games over. Lose and we are playing against NW to claw back to 0.500 instead of putting some space between where we are and that mark. 

Along with the above, even though this facet has zero impact on the team, it’s an important game for the psyche of the fan base. Win against a decent team on the road, and we’re feeling good. Lose, and the “here we go again” mentality takes hold. 

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13 minutes ago, IUFLA said:

Agree... And the psyche of the players too... Winning on the road in the Big 10 takes mental toughness...Always has...

That's why 75-76 are so impressive... 

And why Helms Foundation Championships are dumb and totally irrelevant.  Picking UCLA over IU for 75 is all the evidence needed. 

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Huge game coming off the break, and hopefully having TJD back.

A win here can really propel us to a strong start and conference and give us a shot to win the title, but a loss could kinda flip things the other way IMO.

Win this, we should get to 5-1 in conference at a minimum IMO, with chances to really expand on that the next three. 

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I think the Tony Perkins/Trey Galloway matchup will be a good one...

They both played on the 2020 Indiana All-Star team, so they know and have played against each other in both high school and college. Perkins is a strong kid that like to go to the hoop. They experimented with him at PG, but he's more a combo... 

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Ran across this nugget...

"Filip Rebraca averages team bests in every major statistical category: points (21.5), rebounds (9.0), assists (3.5), steals (1.5), and blocked shots (1.5) over the last four games. He is shooting a staggering 77.3 percent (34-of-44) from the field during that span." 

In our 2 games with Iowa last year, he had 4 points and 4 boards in the regular season game, and was held scoreless with 4 rebounds in the BTT game... 

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I would just like our team to show up for no other reason than to kick Iowa's @$$.  Not just hope to "get over the hump" or "make some shots" or even to "match their energy."  Show everybody who says this group is soft (i am one) that we are mistaken.  Anyone on here think that will happen?  

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On 12/26/2022 at 12:08 PM, mrflynn03 said:

Iowa will be coming off of back to back road games @Nebraska and @Penn State.  

That's just odd and good catch by you. Seems like several Big 10 teams have had long breaks and I can't really find a reason why other than maybe TV is tied up with NFL, Bowl Games,etc....don't recall us ever having this long of break in any year. No complaints though. Buying time to get X healed and some other lingering injuries too.

I know 1 Hawkeye fan. Whenever Indiana comes to town it just means something more. With that said he's told me the what's left of the fans might be done for the year if they lose at Nebraska or at Penn St or both. 

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1 hour ago, Seeking6 said:

 Buying time to get X healed and some other lingering injuries too.

I thought X was out for an "extended" period of time, like maybe the rest of the season. Do you have some new info? 

I know TJD welcomes the rest period with his back issue, but hadn't heard anything about X coming back anytime soon.

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