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Iowa Post game


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One team coming off a miracle comeback at home to win, and another coming off a win on their hated rivals court...

My guess as to which team would be more ready to play would have been dead wrong...

The supporting cast we gushed about after Purdue just flat didn't show up...


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14 minutes ago, Parakeet Jones said:

We sucked. That’s all that needs to be said. Close the thread. 

Hell. This year is the strangest i could remember in CBB. 

How many different # 1 seeds have there been this season?

There does not seem to be the dominance in the top 10 (ie stability) as in previous seasons 

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We need to get off to a good start and pressure them and not allow them to get comfortable on the offensive end. It is probably in their heads that they shoot really bad on the road and only averages 67ppg on the road so don't let them get any confidence. 

 This was my post right before the game and they did not do any of that.


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3 minutes ago, rogue3542 said:

I'm not all that upset. IU didn't play well at all, but even if we did, I'm still not sure we would have won.

Just felt like it was Iowa's night tonight.

Iowa has not shot that well from 3 all season on the road.  Tonight they lit it up. We can't win giving up more than 10 threes at home.

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