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Purdue Post Game Thread


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2 minutes ago, Hoosier83 said:

Xavier can go home. Really wish he would of just left and we could of used his scholarship on somebody that wants to be here 

I do wonder what would have happened this offseason had he not returned. A 6th year senior obviously scared off any hope of a guard coming here wanting playing time that could help us right now. He has been absolutely terrible this year.


Him being an all big ten pg coming into this season was a joke.

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Just now, Bushmage said:

Xavier is embarrassing at this point

It's truthfully sad. On paper we had a sixth year PG who should be one the best and most experienced in the league.

That is just so insanely far from what we have actually gotten. Which is essentially nothing.

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3 minutes ago, rogue3542 said:

What is there really to discuss? The officiating was so atrocious and biased that I don’t know how you can really draw any conclusions from this beyond Woodson needing to work the refs a lot better.

Cupps was the only guy who finished with more than three fouls. We can blame the refs, they weren’t good, but we chose to sit guys and chose to have a blank stare as the refs made bad calls.

Refs aside, we lost by 21 at home. Unacceptable. This team is running out of time to start caring. 

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Giving it until the end of the month but if this is how they play then I will for the first time ever stop sitting down to watch games. Exhausted from all the extreme highs and lows with this program. 

You can’t get 20 pieced at home to your rival in a do or die game. 

It’s one thing to lose, it’s another thing to watch a lifeless JV team get DOMINATED regularly against any decent team. 

i can’t think of another school that has more fandom, resources, NIL $ at their disposal and puts out such a shit product. We objectively deserve better. 

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Of course X had a terrible game, but I want to talk about Reneau. Go back and count how many times his man grabbed an offensive rebound. I know he is probably our best offensive option, but I would prefer someone play who actually cares a little about defense

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Well 3 thoughts on that:

  • Worst officiating in an IU game I can ever recall. It completely dictated the first half, and essentially handed Purdue a massive lead. I think it would’ve been a fun game with an even whistle.
  • While the officiating was horrible, Woodson needed to put Ware and Mgbako back in the first half. Ware finished with 3 fouls and Mgbako finished with 2. No need to foul out your own players, especially when the game is slipping away.
  • It’s hard to make much of a determination from that “basketball” game due to the refs. But it still feels like we aren’t a good team due to a lack of consistent guard play and perimeter shooting. It’ll be interesting to see how we look in the next 2.
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