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Scary to think we almost blew a 17 point lead but solid effort in the final 2 minutes. Honestly thought we were gonna lose because of our free throw shooting. MVP was Leal and Ware is a stud for battling through that injury. Can’t believe people question his heart and motor. 

im terrified what this season might end like if X/Reneau/Ware are out for extended periods/rest of season. 

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Give credit to this team and coaches for not folding when Sandfort hit that shot to go up 2. Love seeing Leal show what kind of team player he is. He never plays but he was ready when the opportunity came to him.

Iowa did not getting anything from their front court at all. Kripke and Freeman combined for 6 points

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6 minutes ago, HoosierDom said:

I didn't see what happened to Malik, did it look bad?

I can't imagine X comes back this year. I've hurt my knee and ankle before where it hurt real bad right away but then got better quickly and I was fine. Never had that happen to my arm.

Tough to tell with Malik. Looked like an ankle, probably a sprain. Didn’t look horrible on the replay and he walked (limped) off the court on his own power, but those sort of injuries can linger.

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