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Minnesota Post Game

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WIthout hyperbole, that was the worst coached Indiana Hoosiers basketball game I have ever watched in my life. Unexplainable disappearances for Geronimo and Malik. Keeping Race in despite him being absolutely horrendous. Forgetting we have a NPOY candidate big man for large stretches of the game. I could go on forever.


We won despite Yasir Rosemond. He should never coach a basketball game again in his life.

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Tjd saved us. Great clutch plays in the last couple minutes. But overall wow. Substitutions were just baffling. Like what game were they watching.  

jhs shooting over and over rushed shots early in clock. Race playing. Malik dominating then only 1 minute in second half. Just overall mind.  boggling. 

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I honestly feel kind of bad for Minnesota. They were the more aggressive team most of the night. 

Over 0.500 in the B1G. Finally. Let’s build on that. 

It should not have been that close, but don’t underestimate not having Woody there. 

We got out of the Barn with a B1G road win. I’ll sleep well. 

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